~Noah Armstrong, PISE Business Development Assistant

We’re gearing up once again for every kid’s favourite time of year; summer camps. It’s the perfect time for kids to let loose outside and have some fun in the sun. Before school lets out and summer is in full swing, I had the chance to sit down with Chris Wright, PISE’s Physical Literacy Coordinator, and Sarah Leblanc, PISE’s Physical Literacy Supervisor. Together, they are preparing for the 8th year of PISE inclusive summer camps and they are shaping up to be the fullest yet.

“It’s so great,” Sarah admits. “It’s the one time of year when programs are running all day, every day. It’s when we can really see kids blossom over the course of a program, even if it’s only for a week,”

With camps for all ages and all abilities, PISE aims to offer the most inclusive programs possible. “You might get one kid who’s really good at hockey and is all around pretty athletic, but may never be exposed to acro-yoga, or cricket, or karate. Let alone try them both in the same week,” Chris notes about the diversity of activities offered. PISE also offers the Condo Group SportStart grant to families with socio-economic limitations, thus removing any financial barriers for parents hoping to give their kids a complete active experience over the summer.

Most PISE camps take a multi-sport approach so that kids of all ages and all abilities can participate in many sports and activities. PISE also offers a Para sport camp that introduces all kids to sports like sitting volleyball and gym sledge hockey.

“Last year we had a kid sign up for one of our regular camps who used a wheelchair,” Chris remembers. “He was doing laps of the track wheeling by the other kids and later in the day when it was time for soccer he threw himself out of his chair, scooted along on his hands into the net and played as the goalie.”

Through games, activities and sport, children are able to develop their physical skills in a fun and engaging way. “It’s really about movement skills,” Chris continues, “We want to give the kids a strong base in movement and build from there. It’s easier to teach a kid how to kick a ball by playing soccer, but there’s a lot more that they can learn beyond that. Allowing children the opportunity to build an athletic base at a young age sets them up for success across all aspects of life as an adult.”

No matter what age, what activity level, or what ability, any kid who wants to have fun by staying active will find a fit at a PISE camp.