Here we are in June of 2017. It has been 7 years since our CEO, Robert Bettauer, began at PISE. For those who have met Robert, they know his passion is tennis (because even if you just met him, he will have managed to work it into the conversation). In that period of time, he has now won five provincial singles titles, four provincial doubles titles, a western Canada singles title, a national singles title AND represented Canada in the World Senior Team Championships! This last weekend he won the BC Senior 60+ Championships in singles, and doubles with Russ Hartley, the new Bear Mountain Tennis Director.

What does he have to say about his success, other than PISE is good luck for him?

“I want to thank Suzie Lajoie (PISE Strength & Conditioning Coach) for pushing me hard in the PISE Bootcamps that I have been enjoying with the team over the past year.  It has helped make me significantly stronger, which was a key factor during the end stages of a grueling 3 hour match!  I will let her push me even harder now.”

From all of us at PISE, we want to say congratulations, Robert! What a good example of a healthy, active life.