We work with individuals of all lifestyles and abilities. We’ll spend your first session setting goals and assessing your current abilities, including video recordings of your movement for immediate visual feedback. Throughout your training, we’ll integrate heart rate and calorie monitoring to maximize your training results, and you’ll receive access to the Fitness Centre with towel service.

Who We Work With

Our coaches boast the highest certifications, from CSEP-CEP® and CSEP-CPT® to NSCA-CSCS® and CAT(C), enabling them to work with any individuals with any condition, adaptation or special training consideration. We work with individuals with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, amputation and visual impairment, as well as with patients post-cancer treatment and Paralympians.

Personal Conditioning Rates

  • Single Session $75
  • 4 Sessions $73.50/session
  • 8 Sessions $69/session
  • 12 Sessions $67/session
  • 16 Sessions $65/session
  • 24 Sessions $63/session
  • 36 Sessions $61/session
  • 45 Sessions $58/session
  • Program Design $105
  • Follow-Up Program Design $210
  • Athletic Therapy Initial Assessment $85
  • All rates plus GST

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does PISE offer massage therapy?

    No, but we do offer athletic therapy which is appropriate for the assessment and treatment of muscle, bone and joint injuries.

    Are there payment plans available?

    Payment plans are available for packages of 24, 36 and 45 sessions.

    Can personal conditioning be flexible with my schedule?

    You and your coach will coordinate dates and times that work well with your schedule. Please note that our cancellation policy requires 24 hours’ notice without penalty.

    Will I get a program to follow from my PISE coach?

    Most definitely! Our coaches will develop a program tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle at your request. A minimum of four sessions are required for custom program development.