Dumbells, barbells, AMRAPs. Step up to the rack, and learn the language of weight lifting and the importance of proper technique and progression, safely enjoying this rewarding form of strength and power training.

Raise the Bar Beginner


Olympic Weightlifting is a technical, demanding and rewarding form of strength and power training. Working within a small group, each participant receives the personalized feedback required for safe progression in mastering four major lifts (Front Squats, Deadlifts, Bent-Over Row and Overhead Press) before moving into Olympic Weightlifting instruction.

8:00–9:00 PM
Nov 13–Dec 11
Reg. #4675

Raise the Bar Advanced


Build on the strength and mobility foundation you developed in Raise the Bar Advanced. Further develop and refine your Olympic weightlifting technique to improve total body strength and power.

Prerequisite: completion of the Raise the Bar Beginner program is required or clearance from PISE’s Personal Conditioning Coordinator. Contact programs@pise.ca for more information.

8:00–9:15 PM
Nov 8–Dec 13
Reg. #4677