Designed for young athletes competing in sport, our youth performance programs develop strength, mobility and conditioning, critical to performance and injury prevention, including programs tailored to sport specific training.

Soccer Performance S & C


This program offers soccer specific strength and conditioning focused on targeting muscles and movement patterns required for increased performance and decreased chances for injury. Sprint, jump, and cutting technique will be major areas of focus as they tend to require the most time to develop effectively in young athletes. We will also focus on functional movement patterns to help develop effective neuromuscular patterning being reinforced in a controlled environment so they are instinctively put into play during game play and practice.


6:35–7:35 PM
Jan 24–Mar 28
Reg. #4462
6:00–7:00 PM
Jan 25–Mar 29
Reg. #4463

DRIVE Jr. (ages 14-22)


In order to maximize your performance in the shell, it is important to supplement your time on the water with dry land training. This program is created specifically to improve your rowing performance with training protocols designed to increase mobility, decrease the risk of acute and chronic injury and improve strength and power. Developed by former National Team Rower, Lindsay Lynk (née Forget), up and coming rowers will learn the weight room fundamentals and rowing specific conditioning protocols to take their performance to the next level!

tuesday, thursday
6:30–7:30 AM
Apr 10–Jun 28
Reg. #4427