*Spring 2019 Birthday Parties are fully booked, check back in during the summer for Fall 2019 time slots!


Your child’s birthday doesn’t have to be like a scene from the popular 1954 William Golding novel, Lord of the flies, unless you’re thinking of the scene where they become unbelievably organized for a bunch of kids that seconds earlier were literally close to drowning, but rather more like the scene where they try and hunt each other. Birthday parties are supposed to be fun and enjoyable and what’s more enjoyable than watching your child and 10 of their closest friends move through an obstacle course, play germ tag, or hurl dodgeballs at each other for 1.5 hours.  Our certified leaders will direct your kids through activities focused on developing fundamental movement skills through fun and engaging games and definitely not by having the birthday kid hunt 10 of their best friends, because that would be outlandish and probably(?) illegal.

Birthday Parties are hosted between the gym and field (dependent on weather) and a party space.

The first hour and a half, your kids will play fun games that teach fundamental movement skills in the gym or on the field. For the last half hour, we’ll move into a party space where you can serve refreshments and open presents.

Our birthday parties are $180 for two hours with a minimum of five kids and a maximum of 25 kids. Parental supervision is required.

How to Book

1. Select a time

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2. Pay

The time you select will bring you to our registration site. Add the party to your cart, answer a few questions and pay the fee to secure your date.

3. Tell your friends!

Download the Informed Consent Form and birthday party details from your receipt, and email them to your friends and family!

Birthday Party Timeslots