Saturday Birthdays (ages 1.5-5 years)

Saturday Birthdays are new this year for our younger birthday visitors! If your child is aged 18 months to 5 years, this is perfect for you. PISE leaders will provide the Physical Literacy Equipment (foam balls, blocks, hoops, skipping ropes, foam blocks, soccer balls, you name it!) craft supplies and music; the rest is up to you! Saturday birthdays are for free play and exploration. These parties are hosted in the multipurpose room and we will have tables and chairs available for parents to use, including for refreshments and presents. Best of all, PISE staff will clean up the mess! $130 total cost.

Sunday Birthdays (ages 3 years and up)

Sunday birthdays will get your child movin’! Join PISE for an active and fun birthday party experience. Our Physical Literacy Leaders will lead a birthday party that your own child won’t forget! Kids will spend the first hour and a half playing fun games that teach fundamental movement skills in the gym or on the field, then a party space will be provided where you can serve refreshments and open presents for the last 30 minutes. $180 total cost.

Due to Covid-19 we will not be hosting summer birthdays and expect to resume in September 2020.

Please check back in for updated information and thank you for your understanding!

For more information please contact 

How to Book

1. Select a time

Please check back in for updated available time slots in September 2020.

2. Pay

The time you select will bring you to our registration site. Add the party to your cart, answer a few questions and pay the fee to secure your date.

3. Tell your friends!

Download the Informed Consent Form and birthday party details from your receipt, and email them to your friends and family!

Birthday Party Timeslots