We are committed to bettering our community of coaches, providing opportunities for coaches to continually learn and improve. We work with organizations like SportMed BC, Coaching Canada and viaSport to make these courses possible.

Physical Literacy Movement Preparation Coach Workshop

April 10, 2019 – 5:00-8:00pm

PISE Multi-purpose Room 330 A/B

Physical Literacy Movement Preparation is an training program performed as a warm up before practices and games to enhance performance and durability.

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Making Ethical Decisions



Upon completing the Making Ethical Decisions module you’ll be able to:

  • analyze a challenging situation and determine if it has moral, legal or ethical implications;
  • apply the NCCP Ethical Decision-Making Model to properly respond to each situation in a way that is consistent with the NCCP Code of Ethics.


6:00–9:00 PM
Sep 25
Reg. #5144
Please note: This program is non-refundable

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)


Based upon the fundamental stages of the Canadian Sport for Life model of Long-Term Athlete Development, this workshop explores core NCCP themes such as fair play, safety, responsibility and communication with an innovative skill development process. Participants are given the opportunity to practice strategies to improve fundamental movement skills such as throwing, hopping, skipping, jumping, kicking, striking, balancing, catching and agility.

Please note: this program is non-refundable

5:30–8:30 PM
Sep 24
Reg. #5143