PISE is excited to share a new program proudly sponsored by Island Savings, a Division of First West Credit Union. We are honoured to be supporting indigenous youth through the “Fuelling Youth Performance” program. 16 athletes receive specialized strength and conditioning by PISE’s Performance Training Coaches to help take their performance to the next level to reach their goals in sport excellence.

“This program will support the youth involved with valuable tools to enhance their training for sport, and help them to develop an understanding of the commitment necessary to pursue their goals,” shares Chris McElroy, Coach from Songhees Nation. “Through this opportunity the participants will also gain confidence and leadership skills to enhance athletic experience.”

PISE is fortunate to be able to work with partners like I·SPARC, Island Savings and Songhees Wellness Centre to make programs like this happen.

“Indigenous youth, athletes, parents and leaders need to raise their expectations and standards of personal achievement,” says I·SPARC Elder & Senior Advisor, Alex Nelson. “First-class facilities and coaches at PISE create an environment of excellence and offer indigenous athletes exposure to performance training programs. We are very grateful to Island Savings for making this program possible.”

Robert Bettauer, CEO of PISE, adds, “PISE is very pleased to renew our partnership with Island Savings, this time on a program that we passionately believe can make a fundamental difference in guiding these young indigenous athletes to new personal standards of performance excellence that can also have a powerful effect as they become role models in their communities.”

We look forward hearing some of these athletes’ stories in the near future.