Designed for young athletes playing sports and youth looking to live a healthy, active life, our youth programs develop strength, mobility and conditioning critical to development and injury prevention.

Train and Play for Home Learners – Ages 10-17


This program for home learners focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills through games and play based activities. The program is designed to develop positive experiences around physical activity while developing social skills and healthy relationships.



9:30–10:45 AM
Sep 16–Dec 16
Reg. #4837
Ages 10-17 (No class October 14th, November 11th)
9:30–10:45 AM
Jan 13–Mar 16
Reg. #5208
Ages 10-17 (No class February 17th)
9:30 AM–10:45 PM
Apr 6–Jun 22
Reg. #4894
Ages 10-17 (No class April 13th and May 18th)