Designed for young athletes competing in sport, our youth performance programs develop strength, mobility and conditioning, critical to performance and injury prevention, including programs tailored to sport specific training.

Fuelling Youth Performance


This program provides indigenous athletes specialized training with PISE’s Strength & Conditioning coaches to help take their performance to the next level and reach their goals in their chosen sport(s). Sponsored by Island Savings and supported by I⋅SPARC, it introduces athletes to performance training to enhance their athletic experience, while increasing confidence and leadership skills. PISE coaches will focus on strength, agility and injury prevention to ensure safe and effective progress.


7:00–8:00 PM
Feb 6–Mar 12
Reg. #5393

Girls Performance Rugby Strength & Conditioning


PISE is excited to offer a strength and conditioning program for young female rugby athletes, U14-U18. Comprehensive training sessions will include speed, agility, and quickness training, strength training, and recovery methods to take each athlete to the next level.

Key benefits:

  • Learn proper movement mechanics and progressions to help reduce the risk of injury while maximizing performance gains in time for the spring rugby season.
  • Athletic performance testing administered start and end of the program.
  • Rugby-specific strength and conditioning program with a large focus on athlete education lead by a former rugby player and athletic therapist.
  • PISE is a world class facility and training centre for national athletes; a perfect place to empower young female athletes.
7:00–8:30 PM
Jan 8–Feb 26
Reg. #5373
7:00–8:30 PM
Apr 2–May 21
Reg. #5485

Performance Baseball Off-Season Training


For athletes ages 12 to 19.

Lead by PISE’s Performance Coordinator Chris Hinton, this program is designed to help baseball players maintain specific strength and power during the in-season and capitalize on gains made in the off-season. Training focuses on the following:

  • Strength & Conditioning focused training
  • Speed development
  • Baseball specific development (throw & hit)
  • Pre, mid & post testing
  • Education sessions on nutrition, baseball theory
  • and much more!

This program runs Sundays from 1 to 4:30pm and Fridays, 7 to 9pm, starting Sept. 20 and running through Mar. 29. While the highest benefit to the athlete is to participate in the full program, we are offering new Sunday only or Friday only options for those who may have scheduling conflicts. View details of what is included in the program and registration options here.

If you have questions please contact Chris Hinton at or 250.220.2588 for more information.

friday, sunday
7:00 PM–
Sep 20–Mar 29
Reg. #5267
Option 1: Sunday & Friday
1:00–4:30 PM
Sep 22–Mar 29
Reg. #5268
Option 2- Sundays Only
7:00–9:00 PM
Sep 20–Mar 27
Reg. #5269
Option 3: Fridays Only

Camosun Chargers Female Basketball Clinic


October 25

Join new Head Coach Justin Thiessen and the Camosun Chargers Women’s Basketball team for pre-season training!

This clinic will be fast paced and focused on improvement through repetition, fitness and dealing with pressure

January 5

Head coach Justin Thiessen and the Camosun Chargers Women’s Basketball team will help players to be more effective at converting scoring opportunities into points.

This clinic will focus on improving players’ offensive effectiveness by increasing their shooting percentage, improving their drives and teaching players how to finish.

1:00–4:00 PM
Oct 25
Reg. #5265
Ages 14-18
3:00–5:30 PM
Jan 5
Reg. #5282
Ages 14-18

Camosun Chargers Womens Basketball ID Camp


This camp is open to all players in grades  9, 10,11 and 12 who are interested in playing post secondary basketball.

Head Coach Justin Thiessen will run players through a typical College or University “Try Out” experience, including drills and 5 on 5 scrimmage with Camosun players.

Players will get exposure and coaching on the expectations of a College or University level player on and off the court. Camosun players and coaches will be available to answer questions about College Athletics.

One ID camp participant will be offered a $500 scholarship to attend and play at Camosun sponsored by the WBB alumni.

9:00 AM–1:00 PM
Mar 7
Reg. #5369