Our endurance programs will teach you how to build your endurance, improve your form and prevent injury, ultimately building your cardiovascular fitness and performance through proper training from experienced coaches.

Threshold Conditioning


Stuck in a rut with your cardio workouts? Using our brand new track, Stationary bikes, Airdyne® bikes, Rowing ergometers and more! This training program will improve your fitness by working at specific intensities around your anaerobic threshold. Our coach will teach you how to increase your ability to maintain progressively higher and higher intensity workloads.

6:30–7:30 PM
Sep 13–Nov 8
Reg. #4201

Running Workouts – An Introduction


Learn to run workouts in a safe structured environment to improve your speed, strength and race times. These structured workouts will include a training schedule plus a comp entry to an Island Race Series race! Utilizing the new PISE track and the trails around Camosun–Interurban Campus/PISE, workouts will include learning the basics of a run workout that prepare you for all elements of a race (abc’s, strides, intervals, tempo, ladders, hills and more).
Instructor: Louise Hodgson-Jones, BC Athletics trained coach & experienced marathon runner.


6:00–7:00 PM
Sep 21–Oct 26
Reg. #4265