We work with individuals of all lifestyles and abilities. Our certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches have degrees and the highest certifications, from CSEP-CEP® and CSEP-CPT® to NSCA-CSCS® and CAT(C). We will work with you help set your goals, assess your current abilities and maximize your training results, and you’ll receive access to the Fitness Centre with towel service.

Our coaches education and experience enables them to work with all individuals and abilities. If you have a specific inquiry about your needs, please give us a call.

Personal Training Rates (+GST)

  • Single Session $75
  • 4 Sessions $73.50/session
  • 8 Sessions $69/session
  • 12 Sessions $67/session
  • 16 Sessions $65/session
  • 24 Sessions $63/session
  • 36 Sessions $61/session
  • 45 Sessions $58/session
  • Program Design $105
  • Follow-Up Program Design $210
  • Athletic Therapy Initial Assessment $85
  • Functional Movement Screen - $75


    The Functional Movement Screen will determine the greatest areas of movement deficiency demonstrating any mobility, stability or functional patterning limitations and asymmetries. You will be provided with corrective exercises and drills based on your results that will promote positive change to your movement patterns & help reduce the potential risk of future injury.

    Give us a call at 250.220.2510 to get started today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can personal training be flexible with my schedule?

    You and your coach will coordinate dates and times that work well with your schedule. Please note that our cancellation policy requires 24 hours’ notice without penalty.

    Will I get a program to follow from my PISE coach?

    Most definitely! Our coaches will develop a program tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle at your request. A minimum of four sessions are required for custom program development.

    Can I get a refund?

    PISE does not refund /or credit for Personal Training or Athletic and Exercise Therapy services except in the case of medical reasons, a medical note is required to process this request.

    Does PISE offer massage therapy?

    No, but we do offer athletic therapy which is appropriate for the assessment and treatment of muscle, bone and joint injuries.

    If my partner is unable to make a session, will that session be pro-rated?

    The Partner Training package is separate from our personal training packages, therefore if your partner is unable to attend a session and the session is still delivered, the Partner Training fee will still apply.

    Will my partner and I receive a membership to the Fitness Center with purchase of the Partner Training Package?

    Both you and your partner will receive a personalized program from one of our highly qualified coaches who will strive to help you achieve your fitness related goals. Due to this  amazing value proposition we will be unable to include a membership with Partner Training.