We are a non-profit organization, helping build a healthy, active community with a focus on inclusion, physical literacy, active living and developing performance athletes. We are the first summer sport institute in Canada and one of eight organizations in BC that form the viaSport Regional Alliance, a collective of provincial sport-delivery organizations passionate about energizing communities and enriching lives.

Recognized as a passionate, innovative leader in our field, we strive to transform lives through physical activity and sport by providing facilities, education and leading programs for children, youth and adults of all levels and abilities.

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Transforming Lives Through Healthy Activity & Sport

What We Believe
  • We believe in helping create a healthy, active community.
  • That physical activity improves overall well-being, emotionally, physically and mentally.
  • Every one, of every age and ability, deserves health and well-being.
  • We are passionate about our work.
  • We are passionate about people.
  • We believe our expertise and encouragement make a difference.
Our Vision

We positively impact the health and well-being of individuals and communities in the South Vancouver Island, around British Columbia, and across Canada.

Our Values

Value of Sport & Physical Activity – We believe a lifelong participation in physical activity or sport provides physical, emotional and intellectual well-being.

Excellence – We pursue excellence in all we do.

Innovation – We deliver leading programs, facilities and expertise to our customers and partners.

Respect – We treat everyone with respect.

Sustainability – We pursue opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit to achieve financial sustainability.

Collaboration – We work collaboratively with partners to deliver results and benefits.

Inclusion – We strive to provide access for all.

Our Strategic Plan