Whether you spend your days in the water or on a field, on your feet or in a seat, we’re here to help you make the team, up your game, better your time, or win your race. With personalized training programs, we can help individuals, small groups and teams, from youth to master athletes realize their goals.

Our coaches have degrees in areas like kinesiology, athletic and exercise therapy with high-level certifications and years of experience. Leveraging their knowledge and expertise with our cutting-edge science and technology, we’ll help take you to the next level – all while preventing injury.

Areas of Training

Energy Systems Training

Energy systems training leverages the science and technology of real-time biometrics to measure and analyze the body’s outputs as you train, helping us optimize your performance and even predict and prevent injury.

Power & Speed Training

Succeeding in sport often necessitates the ability to move faster than the competition – while maintaining balance and stability. To enhance your speed and stability, we train with resistance, sleds and plyometrics.

Strength Training

Strength is essential to all areas of movement, performance and general health. Excel in sport and competition, and get the most out of your performance – and everyday life – by building muscle and strength.

Agility Training

Agility training connects the mind and body for more coordinated, stable movements. With time, these movements become reflexive, supporting improvements in movement efficiency and overall performance.

Off-Season Sport-Specific Training

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your performance during off-season. Off-season can support the development of essential strength, power, agility and energy for a successful and injury-free competitive season.

Sport-Specific Injury Prevention

By leveraging biometrics and sport-specific strength and conditioning, we can train the body to react correctly and instinctively protect common areas of injury like the ankles, knees and shoulders.

Performance Training Rates*

Small Group and One-on-One Training

  • One-on-one training: 1 session (offered in 4, 8 or 12 packs) $100/hour
  • Small group training: 2-6 people $150/ hour
  • *Accessory charges may apply if additional programming, data analysis, detailed testing, or reporting is required. A full breakdown of costs based on individual or group needs will be presented to the client for approval before any invoicing is forwarded.

    Looking for Youth Performance Programs?

    Visit our Youth Performance Programs page to view age appropriate performance training programs for sport focused development.