Mr. Considine has been deeply impacted by sport and physical activity throughout his life and understands the value of high performance sport in developing youth.  He also understands the great need for young athletes to receive financial support to assist them on their journeys of sport excellence. These generous bursaries will support three youth athlete (ages 13 to 18) training in Greater Victoria, B.C., in the sports of climbing, cycling or running with 3 $1000 awards that may assist with travel, food, training or any needs that may arise while training and competing to be the best.

“Victoria youth with outstanding national and international athletic potential need financial support from all of us. I hope that the successful candidates will be an inspiration for the students in our community  to exercise and to engage in sport. The old adage of a healthy mind in a healthy body is essential to healthy community.” ~ Chris Considine

Accomplishments in sport, education and volunteerism will be assessed in the applications. Furthermore, financial need will be assessed.

Applications are now closed until January 2025.


Matthew Ney

Sport: Road Cycling

School: Stelly’s Secondary School

I feel privileged and am incredibly grateful that I have been awarded this bursary. It is a huge step towards my dream of one day becoming a professional cyclist. Because of this grant I will be able to more easily travel and race, not only in Canada, but in the USA and Europe. Having just returned from a block of racing in Czechia and Belgium, where I raced with the Canadian Junior National team, the value of competing in these races as a learning experience as well as the completion of a lifelong goal has become very clear. I feel that I am currently training at my absolute best and can’t wait to test myself at Nationals. Thanks again for your amazing generosity!

Kira Stewart

Sport: Rock Climbing

School: Reynolds Secondary (Graduated)

I am overjoyed about receiving the Chris Considine Bursary that you have awarded me. I would like to thank to the scholarship committee for recognizing my achievements and potential. This scholarship will undoubtedly provide me with invaluable opportunities to pursue my l goals and make a meaningful impact in my training. When I was initially applying for this scholarship, my main goal was to qualify for the Youth World Championships, and this will help me greatly. My next competition will the Boulder, North America Cup in Vail Colorado. Once again, I am so thankful for Mr. Considine’s generous contributions to the community.