What kind of a program is Just for You? Well, we don’t know yet. It depends what you want. You find a few friends and tell us when and what. We’ll provide the where and how. Fill out the form below to get started!


  • Checkmark three to seven people
  • Checkmark includes initial assessment and goal setting
  • Checkmark workouts developed specifically for your group


  • 3 people $29.33each/session +tax
  • 4 people $22each/session +tax
  • 5 people $17.60each/session +tax
  • 6 people $14.67each/session +tax
  • 7 people $12.57each/session +tax
  • Request Form

    • Preferences

      In order to ensure you receive the best possible service we would like to gather a little info.
    • Please fill in their name here.
    • Training sessions are one hour long.
    • Keep in mind it will take a little time to get you all set up.
    • What is your group's training preference, experience, etc.
    • Impossible to have a conversation while participating. Sweating.
    • Can maintain a conversation but sometimes are a little out of breath.
    • Easy conversation while doing the activity.