Learn the ins and outs of proper, safe technique, build strength and confidence! Enhance your overall fitness with our strength and conditioning programs, designed for all levels and abilities.

Please note:

Moving forward programs will be primarily inside, although a coach may still utilize outdoor space (weather permitting), we will continue to ensure measures are in place for the safety of our clients and staff.

Visit About our Programs to learn about our current safety protocols.

Intro to Strength Training


Looking to learn the fundamentals of strength training? This class has everything you need to get started. Learn the principles and essential movement patterns associated with developing strength, speed, and endurance. Intro to Strength Training was developed to help participants feel comfortable in a gym setting and having the confidence in your body to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle! Our coaches will teach participants Olympic lifting, resistance training, compound lifts and much more! Open to anyone 16+ 

4:45–6:00 PM
Nov 1–Dec 13
Reg. #6854

Strength & Conditioning 50+


Strength training at any age is important to general well-being and health.  Our coach will monitor intensity levels to keep them low while still working to help maintain bone density, improve balance, boost energy levels, elevate cognitive functioning, and alleviate discomforts. Join us to learn the proper techniques essential to feeling comfortable in a gym setting and have the confidence in your body to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle!

9:00–10:15 AM
Nov 4–Dec 16
Reg. #6858
No Class Nov 11
5:15–6:30 PM
Nov 7–Dec 12
Reg. #6850