An integral part of being active throughout your life is maintaining a social connection to the people in the activities with you. The top two reasons that children drop out of organized activities are a lack of fun and loss of friends.

Ensuring that these social connections are established within each of our camps is key component of creating a quality physical activity environment. Additionally, understanding that different people create social connections in different ways allows us to be intentional about the games and activities that are played early in the week.

By developing physical literacy throughout our life we are able to maintain social inclusion. The activities that we choose to engage in, especially during childhood and adolescence, are heavily impacted by the choices of our peers. While we know not everyone is going to be able to perform all activities to the same level, exposing children to a wide range of movements in a wide range of contexts increases the possibility that the individual will be confident to participate in that activity later in life.


Please check back in early March for Summer Camp 2023 offerings!