Are you looking for more information on physical literacy and play? PISE can help. We offer customised education sessions and workshops to all populations and knowledge levels, whether you are interested in the theory behind children’s skill development or want more tips and understanding of games and activities to engage children and youth in active play, including ways to adapt activities in order to include all ages and abilities.

Parents and guardians

Learn different ways to engage your child in play at home and at the playground, without expensive equipment! Understand the benefits of multi-sport and activity participation for all age levels, and how you as an adult can restart your physical literacy journey!

Early Years Providers

See how you can incorporate games and activities throughout your day, both inside and outside, and learn new ways to meet the licensing requirements for active play.


Create quality physical education experiences that develop skills and burn energy, allowing the children to refocus when they return to the classroom!

Recreation Professionals

Add to your staff’s knowledge on games and play and how to enrich your current programming with more active games and activities that develop physical literacy.

Sports Professionals and teams

Inform coaches on how multiple sports and activities benefit the athletes in their chosen sport, as well as gaining unique, fun and engaging ideas for warm ups and cool downs.

Health Professionals

Games and activities provide many health benefits to individuals including social skills, emotional regulation, peer group relationships and increased durability.

Universities & Colleges

Invite us to your class as a guest lecturer to inform your students on any of the topics above!

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