Family Sport & Recreation Festival

We are very excited about the return of the Family Sport and Recreation Festival at PISE on Saturday, May 7, 2022! The event this year will be even bigger and better, featuring popular activities for all of the family to experience. 2019’s event attracted over 1900 parents and children (ages 5-13) who participated in a variety of activities; sports, para-sports, obstacle courses, outdoor rock wall climbing, and much more between 11 am and 3 pm. This year the festival will kick off with a fun run around the track at 11:15 am. We will also be celebrating the opening of our brand new field turf!

The primary purpose of this event is to inspire families to be more active, and to encourage the development of physical literacy in children by getting them involved in sports and recreational activities. It is a chance for kids to be introduced to new opportunities at the club and community level, and for parents to learn more about keeping their kids engaged in healthy activities.

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